Security at your door step
Britcom Entry Systems not only provide an effective means of visitor entry control, they can be integrated with access control and camera options. For complete building security, you can count on the quality products and service of Britcom.
Systems work independently from the telephone company. Visitors enter a 1 to 4 digit code at the entrance panel. The code can be the actual suite number or randomized to ensure privacy.
The occupant does not need to rent a telephone line from the telephone company. Britcom uses the internal wiring and not the telephone company’s external lines. They even provide built-in call-waiting to alert the occupant to the visitor’s call if they are on the phone.

Entry Systems can be quickly and easily installed in new and existing buildings.

The call is directed from the entrance panel, through the common control equipment and up to the occupant’s telephone.

No extra wires need to be run to each unit. Entrance panels are designed to be surface or flush mounted, requiring no structural changes, and are the perfect solution for today’s retro fit market.

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